Approaching the world’s forefront – Euroports Pietarsaari attains a high occupational safety level classification

The Vision Zero Forum awarded Euroports Pietarsaari a level II occupational safety classification – approaching the world’s forefront. All in all, 87 workplaces from various industries received a safety level classification. Awareness, observation, and responsibility among both the work community and individuals are part of everyday operations.

Awareness and safety observations help minimize risks

In 2020, Euroports Pietarsaari had zero accidents leading to absences from work. In the same year, the average number of occupational accidents in Finnish workplaces amounted to 25 accidents per one million working hours. At the member companies of the Vision Zero Forum, the average frequency of accidents was 9.2 accidents per one million working hours, which was lower than in the previous year.

“For many years now, we have recorded safety observations in accordance with our objectives, and we make every effort to correct any safety deficiencies as quickly as possible. Last year, our goal was to record 90 safety observations, and just over 140 were recorded. This year, the goal is 120, and by last week, 47 observations had already been recorded,” says Tony Hanner, Production Manager at Euroports Pietarsaari.

Euroports Pietersaari employs 42 full-time workers as well as temporary dockworkers in Pietarsaari. Each of them participates in the company’s daily development work.