Did you know…? Nectar’s COMPAC bagging machines can handle any free-flowing, granular product up to a particle size of 25mm. Ideally suited to the handling of cereals (such as rice, wheat and maize), fertilizers, sugar, pulses and beans, the equipment can up to 140 tonnes per hour with bag weights ranging from 25kg – 90kg.

In developing the first ever Mobile Bagging System, Nectar revolutionised the bulk commodity handling market allowing for products to be shipped in bulk and bagged at destination. As well as being able to handle a vast range of commodities, the unique features of Nectar’s bagging equipment enable mobility and flexibility allowing operations in warehouses, on board barges/ships and at quayside locations.

At Nectar, we can offer tailored discharging and bagging solutions for your every need, from the provision of bagging units at location to more complex solutions with guaranteed discharge speeds. Nectar ensures that all projects, no matter how big or small, are undertaken with the same professionalism and efficiency – we are truly ‘Driven by Innovation, Performance Guaranteed’.